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Disaster Recovery

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Shared branching has, for a long time been considered a disaster recovery solution.  It provides the credit union peace of mind and an alternative solution you can provide your members.

Need to close or move a branch?

It’s a disaster to members local to a branch when you’ve made the very difficult decision to close or move a branch.  Shared branching gives you a silver coin in your pocket solution to provide your members an alternative that facilitates them to continue to transact with you at a location convenient to them using the shared branching network.  With nearly 5,500 branches across the nation, Puerto Rico, Guam, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands as well as a mobile app, your members can transact with you anywhere, anytime at a very reasonable cost to you. 

Contingency Plan?

A natural or unnatural disaster can hit anywhere, anytime, and at any level.  You only have to make a quick glance on FEMA’s website or listen to the daily news to understand that on any given day there are countless disasters occurring around the world which potentially could include your family, friends or your members, their family or friends.  Are you prepared to be able to service your family, members or employees should a major disaster hit your area or theirs?  Shared branching is an affordable disaster recovery and risk reduction solution.  The network of shared branching credit unions can give you and your members peace of mind in times such as this.

Already a participating credit union?

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